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Cold Winter Months

Cold water is no joke. But lifeguards have to respond regardless of the conditions, so we train in and for cold water rescues. Even when we’re building towers, working on signage, or even working in the office we have to be ready at a moment’s notice to enter the water, potentially for prolonged periods, if […]

January 6th

It’s difficult to write about anything not related to the unbelievable tragedy that befell our country on January 6th. It’s hard to think about anything else. Not just because I’ve been a peace officer for almost a quarter of a century, or a first responder for close to four decades. But as a citizen, as […]


It was a bad idea. Archie Kalepa led the group as we swam towards the cliff face. Archie is the former Chief of Lifeguards in Maui, world renowned big wave surfer and Hawaiian living legend. The problem with being Archie’s friend is that he is a giving soul and is real comfortable in big water. […]


Nat Geo was in town this week to talk sharks and along with a couple of people who were bitten back in 2004, interviewed me about beach dangers. Back then we had three documented shark bites in one summer. Our average comes to about a bite every two years. Like anything that doesn’t mean a […]

San Diego

The last two columns targeted the history of the lifeguard service of Galveston, which dates all the way back to 1875. Galveston and the Houston area have grown significantly in the years since then, and we’ve all had to adapt as a community, including the Beach Patrol. We now see over 7 million visitors annually […]