Galveston Island Beach Patrol Junior Lifeguard Day Camp Program

Junior Guard Program 2020 is from June 1st to July 10th.

We would like to invite youths between the ages of 10 and 15 to consider participating in the Galveston Island Beach Patrol Junior Lifeguard Day Camp Program. To participate, youths should have an interest in the beach environment, must be able to swim two laps (100 meters) without stopping, and be able to tread water for five to seven minutes depending on their age category. This camp is also a great first step for those youths who are interested in eventually becoming Galveston Island Beach Patrol Lifeguards.

This is a well structured, economically priced day camp. The majority of the program is based at Stewart Beach – a large, safe, family environment.

Participants undergo one and a half hours of classroom instruction in each four-hour day, studying topics as diverse as beach lifeguard principles, first aid, CPR and marine biology and ecology.

Junior Guards are exposed to a wide range of activities. They train daily to achieve physical fitness in the ocean and on the beach. They will learn about the lifeguard’s workday by assisting real lifeguards, as they perform their regular duties. They’ll play games that are relevant to the lecture and classroom topics. They will also participate in several educational field trips.

Our objectives are to show the participants the values of mental and physical discipline; and, to teach them to respect themselves, others, authority, and the natural environment. Our primary purpose is to provide a fun, safe place for youths to grow and learn about themselves and the diverse environments of the Texas Gulf Coast. Our hope is that many of the participants will become the lifeguards of the future.

The Junior Life Guard Program starts in June and continues for six weeks. Sessions are held for four hours, three times a week. Fridays are an “optional” sports training day. “Sports day” will offer a more intensive physical training and competition practice.

*This is not a learn to swim program.*

The Beach Patrol reserves the right to dismiss any Junior Lifeguard without a refund who is not participating wholeheartedly in this program.

For information on registering for Junior Guards, click here.