HPIM0135San Luis Pass is the far western tip of Galveston Island, known for it’s good fishing and dangerous currents. This area attracts a diverse crowd of beach goers and can become very crowded on holidays and weekends. But due to strong tidal currents and shifting sands, swimming and wading is prohibited west of the main beach entrance road. Swimming and wading is allowed on the ocean front only.



No Lifeguard Stations
No Bathroom Facilities

City Ordinances

Glass Prohibited
Pets Permitted on Leashes
Clean Up After Your Pets
Camping Prohibited 12am-5am
Open Fires Prohibited (BBQ pits allowed)
Stay Off Dunes
Alcohol Prohibited
4-Wheelers,  ATV’s, and Dirt Bikes are Prohibited

Water Safety Tips:

Swim Near a Lifeguard
Stay Away from Rocks
Learn To Swim
Swim with a Buddy
Check with the Lifeguards
Use Sunscreen and Drink Water
Obey Posted Signs and Flags
Keep the Beach and Water Clean
Learn Rip Current Safety
Enter Water Feet First
Wear a Life Jacket
Swimming/Wading Prohibited West of Main Beach Entrance Road